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Get More from Your BI technology with Training

Get more from your software. And, get it sooner with Business Objects Training. You'll learn from course materials and instructors we've officially authorized. Nobody knows Business Objects products better. We developed them.

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View courses and schedules for Crystal Reports, BusinessObjects, and other products. Or, learn about Certification Programs.

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Find courses and programs for your implementation team or business users. Reduce costs with Knowledge Accelerator and Education Credits.

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Our customer service representatives are ready to help you. In Australia call 1800 647 006 or contact us worldwide. For assistance on installing our eLearning courses use the eLearning Support web form.

About our trainers

Our staff undergo rigorous selection and education to ensure they have a balance of technical and product knowledge with instructional skills. They teach in a straightforward way using hands-on exercises and examples. Course materials are created with content from Research and Development at Business Objects. This means the people coding your software have input into the training you'll receive. No one can offer you more complete product knowledge.

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