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Query and analysis products from Business Objects allow end users to interact with information and answer ad hoc questions themselves-with minimal knowledge of the underlying data sources and structures. A range of users-from experienced data analysts to mainstream business users-can easily create queries and perform calculations without having to understand complex database languages and structures. Then they can share this information with others across your organization and beyond.

  • Integrated query and analysis for business users.

BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence provides a thin-client interface for powerful ad hoc queries and sophisticated analysis. It allows users to easily access and interact with business information over intranets and extranets, while maintaining tight IT control over user roles and privileges.
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BusinessObjects OLAP Intelligence

OLAP Intelligence provides best-of-breed, ad hoc, and managed analysis for today’s leading multidimensional database servers. Users can slice, dice, and drill on Microsoft, Hyperion, IBM, and SAP OLAP data and mainstream users can benefit from prebuilt navigation and workflows.
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BusinessObjects is a Web-enabled full-client solution that allows users to easily track, understand, and manage the wealth of information stored in multiple data sources within and beyond your company. Learn more

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