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Support Component



Telephone support

Local office hours

Local office hours

Online support



Emergency support

Yes, for an additional fee


Maintenance and updates



Automated escalation process



Number of support contacts



Premium support engineers (PSEs)



Technical account manager (TAM)



Weekly report



Self-service online reporting



Priority queuing



Environment Review



Global and custom support options


Yes, for an
additional fee

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Telephone Support
Experienced customer service engineers are available during local business hours to handle requests personally and work through resolutions with you. Premium Support customers will receive direct numbers to their assigned premium support engineer (PSE) for telephone support.

Online Support
Online customer support (OCS) services are available 24/7 for your convenience. Log new cases, update case information, track case progress, download recent service patches and product updates, and find answers from self-service resources. Premium Support customers receive premium priority when they log cases online.

Emergency Support
Standard Support customers receive emergency support during local business hours, and Premium Support customers receive emergency support for high priority issues at any hour of the day. Standard Support customers can add on 24/7 emergency support to their plan for an additional fee. Dedicated customer care engineers will work with you and keep you updated on the case progress until the case is resolved.

Maintenance and Updates
Routine maintenance services and product updates are included for both Standard Support and Premium Support customers. After registering for electronic software delivery at no extra charge, you can download service packs and new releases online directly from OCS.

Automated Escalation Process
In the event of a critical situation, one phone call or email logs your case until it is resolved. All cases are automatically escalated to an engineer or developer that specializes in your industry and business intelligence system. Depending on the case severity and complexity, the engineer may then escalate it to senior engineers, for all hands involvement on mission critical issues. After the case is resolved, Business Objects will work with you to analyze case-type frequency, establish trends, and troubleshoot potential problems for the future.

Support Contacts
Support contacts are designated employees from your business who directly handle all support cases with Business Objects support team members. Only support contacts have access to online customer support (OCS) services and resources, and the ability to call local support centers for assistance. For an additional fee, you can assign more support contacts.

Premium Support Engineers
Personally assigned to each Premium Support customer, premium support engineers (PSEs) serve as the primary engineer for all of your support needs. PSEs are experienced, senior customer care engineers who personally handle every case you log online or call into the support center. Because you will work with the same PSE consistently, your PSE will be an expert in both Business Objects products and your business environment.

Technical Account Manager
To ensure that you receive the best blend of services and products, a technical account manager (TAM) will collaborate with your business and technical resources to plan the best support partnership for the coming year. Once every quarter, your TAM will visit onsite to prepare an environment review. Your TAM will share the report with your team of PSE engineers to help them resolve your cases even faster.

Weekly Reports
Premium Support customers will receive a weekly report that shows detailed information about all open cases. Created by your technical account manager (TAM), the weekly report reveals common user problems and helps you to determine ways to solve frequent problems for good. Weekly reports are shared with your premium support engineer (PSE) and the rest of the support team to help them resolve your cases even faster.

Self-service Online Reporting
Online reporting allows customers to see case information such as the number of open cases, number of cases logged by certain users, case histories, and other case details. These reports help you identify recurring problems that might be eliminated with other support services such as training or consulting.

Priority Queuing
When a Premium Support customer logs a case, it is flagged and instantly redirected to the appropriate premium support engineer (PSE). Priority queuing guarantees fast, experienced resolution for every case logged.

Environment Review
To ensure that you receive the best blend of services and products, a TAM will work onsite, in collaboration with your business and technical resources. This plan is reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis to provide guidance on how to use your BI investment to its fullest potential to receive the most business value.

Global and Customer Support
To meet your unique business needs, there are global and custom support options for Premium Support program customers. Based on your weekly reports and environment review, you can work with your TAM and PSE to create necessary services that will ensure you have exceptional support. Handled on a case-by-case basis, global and custom support options are available for an additional fee.