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Performance management products from Business Objects help your organization align with strategy by tracking and analyzing key business metrics and goals via management dashboards, scorecards, and alerting. You can set goals around metrics and assign them to users or groups of users. Groups can then analyze information, collaborate with other stakeholders, take recommended actions, and feel confident about the decisions they make. Our performance management applications build on our core products and embed industry best practices for business analysis.

These products are designed to align people and actions with strategy by enabling assignment of company goals to users or groups of users.

  • Performance management from Business Objects.

We help your organization:

Align actions with strategy for continuous performance improvements

Monitor what matters so you can focus on meeting strategic objectives

Act with confidence knowing you are equipped to make the right decisions

BusinessObjects Dashboard Manager

Dashboard Manager enables you to monitor critical business metrics, be alerted about issues that need attention, and manage dashboards to help you take action faster. Dashboard Manager is the tool of choice for organizations looking to monitoring business performance, understand business drivers and deploy personalized dashboards.
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BusinessObjects Performance Manager

Performance Manager is the scorecarding product that helps organizations communicate strategy and manage group decisions. It lets you develop and manage goals, track performance through scorecards, collaborate with others and follow recommended actions to improve organizational performance.
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Performance Management Applications

Performance management applications provide industry best practices for business analysis, supported by a framework that can be customized and adapted to unique customer needs. We deliver a set of focused applications that provide prepackaged metrics, reports, and insight across the enterprise.
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Analytic Engines

If you want to advance your organization's performance management needs, look to the Business Objects analytic engines. Each one of these engines is designed to address your analytic needs whether that is segmentation analysis, predicting your future customer profiles or closely monitoring your processes for continuous improvement. Set Analysis, Predictive Analysis, and Statistical Process Control are powerful engines that enhance your dashboards and scorecards to provide more insight.
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Leverage Your Existing Investments

Our performance management products are built on top of the trusted BusinessObjects Enterprise platform. You can leverage your Business Objects investment as well as your existing IT systems. Include any Crystal Reports or BusinessObjects reports or visual analytics through the dashboard or build goals based on any financial planning and budgeting systems. Our products are also flexible enough to accommodate your organization’s management methodologies, whether that is the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM) or your custom discipline.