Press release

Performance management products from Business Objects help your organization align with strategy by tracking and analyzing key business metrics and goals via management dashboards, scorecards, and alerting. You can set goals around metrics and assign them to users or groups of users. Groups can then analyze information, collaborate with other stakeholders, take recommended actions, and feel confident about the decisions they make. Our performance management applications build on our core products and embed industry best practices for business analysis.

These products are designed to align people and actions with strategy by enabling assignment of company goals to users or groups of users.

  • Performance management from Business Objects.

At Business Objects, our information infrastructure will allow you to unlock this maze of data and applications. Our technology will provide you with a common IT administrator platform to support all of your BI tools and applications. It will be open, scalable, and tightly integrated. And it will work, because our solutions can:

Build on top of, and completely integrate with your existing hardware and software infrastructure

Support all users inside and outside your organization

Meet and exceed all mission critical business requirements

Deliver information within multiple web and non-web user interfaces

Connect with all data, regardless of format and where it resides

Streamline the BI needs of your organization into a single and extremely cost effective process