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Read what industry analysts are saying about Business Objects.

Forrester Research
Business Objects Delivers XI Under Extreme Conditions (PDF 71KB)
"Business Objects has delivered on its promise to integrate Crystal Enterprise and Business Objects WebIntelligence together into a single platform - BusinessObjects XI. By coincidence, the version number is also an acronym standing for eXtreme Insight, and Business Objects has indeed delivered product integration and enhancements under extreme time constraints and technological challenges."

Business Objects - Leading the Business Intelligence Tools Market in 2003 (PDF 121KB)
"With its large worldwide user base and numerous OEM relationships and other partnerships, Business Objects is expected to continue to lead the BI software tool market for the foreseeable future."

Business Objects - Leading the Western European Business Intelligence Tools Market in 2003 (PDF 142KB)
"As the overall market leader in Western Europe, Business Objects is also the largest BI tools vendor in a number of countries and regions tracked by IDC including the Benelux region, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom."

Forrester Research
Grading BI Reporting and Analysis Solutions (PDF 524KB)
"Every transaction-based enterprise application, every database, and each process that workers perform on a day-to-day basis needs reporting in some fashion. Reporting and analysis have become pervasive in business, and they must be seen as a core requirement and be held to the same standards as all core technologies."

Nucleus Research
ROI Case Study: Enterprise Data Warehouse, Intermountain Healthcare (PDF 182KB)
"Intermountain Healthcare deployed a data warehouse to simplify user access to integrated data regarding all aspects of care. As a result, the organization has been able to reduce reporting costs, improve analyst productivity, and retain clients by using reports to demonstrate superior care."

MAS Strategies
Data Integration: The Key to Effective Decisions (PDF 107KB)
"Without the whole business picture, it’s difficult to make sound and dependable business decisions. That’s because good decision making requires a complete and accurate view of data. And integration of all your data sources is the start to getting the complete picture—and the key to not compromising your decision-making process.”

The Data Warehousing Institute
Wayne Eckerson, Director of Research, TDWI
"According to TDWI research, data warehousing administrators desperately seek solutions that provide end-to-end impact analysis reports that make iteasier for them to determine how changes in sources systems impact downstream reports, for example," says Wayne Eckerson, director of research at TDWI. "Business Objects' vertically integrated BI solution, which combines Data Integrator and Business Objects, finally begins to make this type of analysis possible."

Intelligent Solutions
Claudia Imhoff, President, Intelligent Solutions
"Good data remains the critical foundation for any business intelligence environment. As organizations prepare to deliver the infrastructure for this environment, they must have a robust data integration platform that can handle complexity and large data volumes. I'm pleased to see Business Objects' continued focus on best-of-breed data integration and integrating it into a key component of their enterprise BI suite."