Press release

By incorporating business intelligence into an ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and partners -- companies will be able to respond to market changes more quickly, build and maintain a competitive edge, and achieve improved customer satisfaction.

No company stands along in its ability to grow revenue, control costs and, satisfy customers. There are many customers, suppliers and, partners that contribute to those objectives. And there are many thousands of unseen, unknown and unrecognized participants in the value chain.

Business Objects enables companies to gain visibility into the farthest reaches of the extended business network. Specifically, Business Objects helps Global 3000 companies:

  • Increase Collaboration through quicker identification of emerging business opportunities and trends

  • Gain Visibility into the value chain by facilitating information exchange among critical business partners

  • Differentiate Offerings through personalized customer service and unique business analysis capabilities

  • Streamline Business Processes by tightening links between downstream and upstream business participants