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Extreme Insight World Tour

Extreme insight, extreme event. The future of business intelligence (BI) is here. It’s called BusinessObjects XI. Our world tour is bringing it to a city near you to show you how it delivers extreme insight via the world’s most trusted BI platform.

It’s a straightforward demonstration of how BusinessObjects XI will redefine the way your organization captures, shares, and uses information. Learn how BusinessObjects XI can provide all users in your organization with the timely, trusted information they need to succeed.

The eXtreme Insight World Tour. An event you can’t afford to miss.

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Participation in a Business Objects User Groups helps individuals and companies maximize their investment in this vital technology. Develop and augment personal expertise and growth and strengthen your success as a professional at the forefront of BI.
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BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator Revealed

With Knowledge Accelerator, provide learning directly to users’ desktops. Knowledge Accelerator allows organizations to customize learning for users of all skill levels and reporting needs in an organization.

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Business Objects partners offer free seminars on a range of topics at locations throughout North America.
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