To cater for companies that have a large number of users in geographically dispersed locations Business Objects has an ideal web based training offering. Training can be delivered directly to the user's desktop removing any travel expenses involved in classroom training.

eLearning offerings are attractively priced, especially where training for larger numbers is required.

Knowledge Accelerator

Knowledge Accelerator- By far the biggest user population, end users can also be the most difficult to train due to geographical disparity and different training requirements. We've developed a number of ways to address these issues so all your end users can get the training and performance support they need, when they need it.

eLearning Courses for Individuals
Business Objects offers a wide range of web-based eLearning courses for individuals who are unable to attend classroom training, or who prefer to study at their own pace.

Individual eLearning courses cater to all categories of users from non-technical business users, to report designers and content creators, through to System Administrators.

Business Objects has created eLearning alternatives to nearly all of our most popular courses:

  • * Introductions to Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise for business users
  • * Introductions to Business Objects Reporting for business users
  • * Crystal Reports full "Report Design" suite.
  • * Specialist Crystal Reports topics that are not available in classroom format
  • * Reporting with Business Objects 6.5
  • * Crystal Enterprise Administration series ...and many others

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Crystal Reports Training Offer

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