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Borland Embeds Crystal Reports in Delphi 2005 - December 28, 2004
Crystal Reports is now embedded in Borland Delphi 2005, the newest version of Borland's RAD environment for Microsoft Windows and .NET applications. Developers using Delphi 2005 can easily build enterprise reports from within their familiar development environment using the Delphi and C# programming languages.

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Release
Check out this page dedicated to the beta release. You'll find product documentation, technical support, setup information and a Crystal Enterprise 10 Professional evaluation offer.

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Third Party Corner

Developer Question for January 31


A Microsoft Visual Studio .NET application uses Crystal Reports 9 for Visual Studio .NET as the reporting development tool. This application connects to a Crystal Enterprise 9 system. Crystal Reports 10 is then installed on the same computer. When the CR 9 for VS .NET application is run, the following error message appears when connecting to CE 9: "Access denied. You cannot log on to an older version of the CMS." Why does this error message appear and how do you resolve it?


This error message appears because some CR 9 for VS .NET runtime files get unregistered when CR 10 is installed and the application uses the CR 10 versions of these files instead. Learn how to resolve the error.

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