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Enterprise-Class Data Integration Drives Profits

IT is expected to play an active role in achieving corporate goals such as increasing operational efficiency, improving customer satisfaction, and driving revenue and profits. Fortunately, they can. Business Objects customers are using our data integration products to extract data from multiple data sources, such as enterprise resource planning applications, to transform data into accurate, comprehensible, and actionable information.

Our Data Integration Customers Are Talking

image1 "With best-of-breed technology from data integration to the business intelligence front end, Business Objects provides AstraZeneca with one solution to access and deliver key data to all corporate decision makers, improving their ability to manage business performance. This integrated and dynamic view of our business will help us to achieve operational excellence and maintain leadership in a competitive industry."

Steve Atkinson, Enterprise Software Manager, AstraZeneca

centerpulse "Business Objects is far superior in enabling us to integrate data from all the sources we use, apply the precise analysis we require, then produce the reports that are the most useful to our users. It's a true end-to-end solution—a single way to deliver vital data from all sources to all users—and we are seeing a greater return on investment in key parts of our information infrastructure."

Michael Porter, Data Warehouse Project Manager, Centerpulse

centerpulse "With best-of-breed technology from the data integration component, to the business intelligence front end, Business Objects has enabled Maxtor to implement a powerful solution for delivering its enterprise information assets to all key decision makers and stakeholders. At a time when businesses need greater visibility across all enterprise functions, the Business Objects solution is helping Maxtor to see and understand many aspects of its business."

Scott Hicar, CIO and Vice President of Worldwide IT, Maxtor Corporation

centerpulse "Over $3 million was saved in a single quarter through the knowledge of sell-through, avoiding a price reduction. We saved another $1 million by having up-to-date rebate information. I don't know how companies can manage their business without this level of visibility."

Murray L. Dennis, President and CEO, Visioneer

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