The Elements of Who We Are

Earth, fire, and water: the elements of who we are

A company's culture evolves and grows with time.

It starts with beliefs and values, and the codes of practice that bring them together. From there, it develops and is strengthened by a sense of common responsibility.

At Business Objects, our culture is fostered by the unique attributes that translate to who we are and the way we do business.

Leadership, integrity, passion, innovation, transnational teamwork, and customer success. These are the elements of our business, of our people, and of our success.

These elements are who we are.



  • We lead the marketplace through vision, technology and service
  • Every one of us is a leader. We take responsibility and set the right example
  • We make a difference, not only in business, but also in our communities


  • We are truthful and candid
  • We do what is right and ethical
  • We treat each of us, our customers, partners and shareholders with respect



  • We bring passion to everything we do
  • We strive to achieve the best and to make our work extraordinary
  • We inspire each other, we have fun, and we celebrate achievements


  • We are thought leaders. We advance the state of the art of the industry by delivering innovative solutions to the marketplace
  • We use creativity to resolve problems faster and better
  • We take risks and learn from our mistakes in order to continually improve


Transnational Teamwork

  • We have a unique transnational approach to business based on balancing global effectiveness and local empowerment
  • We make diversity a competitive strength and demonstrate a superior ability to work together across multiple sites, multiple geographies, and multiple cultures
  • By trusting and supporting each other, we foster exceptional teamwork

Customer Success

  • We focus on the end-goal: the success of our customers
  • Every employee is committed to customer success
  • Our strategy, our products, and our services are developed with the goals of the customer in mind
Did you know?
  • Business Objects has dual headquarters in San Jose, Calif., and Paris.
Are these core values for real?