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We have designed a variety of training courses to closely match the needs of end users and IT professionals.

Business User

BO103 / BO201 - Reporting with BusinessObjects 6.5

New for 2005
2 Days: This course will help you acquire the basic skills required to generate effective Business Objects documents. It teaches BusinessObjects users how to construct precise queries, manipulate and layout reporting information, analyse trends within the data of a document and how document information can be distributed to others.

WI103 - Reporting with WebIntelligence 6.5

New for 2005
This two-day instructor-led course is designed to give learners the comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge needed to create, analyze, and share WebIntelligence documents.

BO301 - Advanced Reporting

New for 2005
This one-day instructor-led course is designed to give learners the advanced skills and in-depth knowledge needed to create and analyze complex BusinessObjects documents.


There are currently no courses listed on this site for this product stream but will be listed shortly. For further information please call 1800 268 773.

System Administrator

DI102 - Data Integrator 6.5

New for 2005
4 Days: After completing the course, learners will be able to:
Design efficient batch ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) jobs with BusinessObjects Data Integrator.
Support business intelligence with intelligent ETL jobs that encapsulate business logic for changing conditions.
Connect to a rich variety of information resources and browse and import metadata.
Use built-in functionality to support common data warehousing requirements.
Share work with team members with built-in source code control features.

BO601 - BusinessObjects 6.5 Enterprise Administration (Windows)

New for 2005
4 Days: On completion of this course delegates will understand how the BI platform is the foundation for other Business Objects offerings, namely Data Integrator and Application Foundation. You will also understand end-user software from an end-user and administrative perspective in addition to the systems architecture. They will learn how to install and configure ASP and JSP implementations of Business Objects systems and servers in clusters. In addition, they will be able to build a Broadcast Agent; improve Business Objects server performance; set up, run and analyze traces; and understand deployment principles.

AF101 - Dashboard Manager 6.5

New for 2005
3 Days: Maintaining visibility throughout an organization is vital to ensure that everyone in the organization has a consistent view of the business and can focus on the same goals. BusinessObjects Dashboard Manager, part of the Application Foundation analytic framework, enables the deployment of powerful dashboards to provide visibility, alignment, and insight across the enterprise. The BusinessObjects Dashboard Manger course provides a hands-on experience that takes you step-by-step through the process of building dashboards to provide that visibility within your company.

BO402 - Universe Design

New for 2005
3 Days: Learn how to translate end user reporting requirements into an optimal universe design to ensure that your company's Business Intelligence needs are met. BusinessObjects Universe Design provides you with all the skills needed to efficiently create and maintain universes for BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence, allowing users to easily build, access, and run reports. A hands-on, real world approach helps you to quickly learn how to create, distribute, maintain, and optimize universes for BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence deployments.

BO502 - Supervisor 6.5

New for 2005
1 Day: Information is an organization's most valuable asset. And managing that information throughout the entire enterprise is essential for success. In the BusinessObjects 6.5 Supervisor course, you will learn how to effectively use BusinessObjects Supervisor, a BI administration tool, to manage users and resources from a central point or within a distributed environment.

Special Courses

There are currently no courses listed on this site for this product stream but will be listed shortly. For further information please call 1800 268 773.

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