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There is an increasing awareness by business executives that in order to leverage the huge amounts of data that is currently available, there needs to be a simple and consistent approach to accessing, analysing and sharing information both within the enterprise, and with an external community incorporating partners, customers and suppliers. e-Business Intelligence provides the platform from which organisations can achieve many of their key goals of reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction.

The Alliance Partner Program provides customers with a choice of well qualified organisations skilled in Business Objects solutions, each with its own unique value. Partners are required to invest heavily in training which ensures that our customers can be confident in receiving quality and professional service.

Broadly, local partners are classified into four areas:

Business Objects Resellers are qualified to sell and implement Business Objects solutions in conjunction with their own unique services. Resellers include specialist in ERP, CRM and associated infrastructure, software development and data management.

Business Objects Application Providers are independent software vendors or Application Providers which sell and implement Business Objects solutions as an integral part of their Application. These partners have chosen to add value to their application and their customers by partnering with the leading vendor in Business Intelligence in order to provide the 'best of breed' solution. Local ISV's include organisations with solutions in ERP and CRM, as well as in verticals such as Healthcare, Mining and Finance.

Business Objects Consulting Partners specialise in the delivery and implementation of Business Objects software. Many specialise solely in Business Objects, while others combine these skills with data management and eBusiness solutions.

While most partners commit fully to Business Objects, some organisations provide complementary products and services but are unable to maintain the investments or commitments required to become a full partner. Business Objects Associates are not required to skill their teams in Business Objects solutions, but are required to maintain their broad knowledge of the total solutions sets offered by Business Objects